Sunday, 17 August 2014

Break free!

Through this post I just want you to have an insight of what exactly you or me are doing. Everyday we wake up, to live a life caring about what other people think of us. This 'what will people think' has ruined each one of us. Why should this matter at all to you. Believe me, this is the same everyone else feels, so why not break this hypocrisy and just be ourselves. 

Remember the time when you were born, all naked. Did you really care at that time that how did you look, did you try to hide yourselves in your mother's cover cloth, did you intentionally made cute gestures to impress the nurse. The answer would be NO! Then what happened now! Why did we allow that insouciant personality to be lost somewhere?

How are these shorts going to make me look? What will my batch-mates think if I ask this question? What will my friends think if I talk to that girl? Oh come-on stop kidding yourselves, no one really gives a Fuck! Don't be a notorious liar, not to yourself at-least.
A friend of mine, Bharat has a big influence on me. I remember how fearlessly he used to ask even the most stupidest of questions in the class. Thanks dude, for not giving a fuck!

Okay, to make it a point let me give an example. You must have seen people carrying absurd things in public transports or people playing cheap instruments at public places to make a living. An interesting observation which each one of you can make is that even when we are given a blatant opportunity to judge someone, we are actually more influenced by how others perceive it. If other people are laughing, we'll laugh; if other people are acting normal, we'll act normal. Why cant we just stand for what we believe in or what we feel like instead of pretending to have the same mindset as others.

Do you think this man give a F#$% about what people think of him!

You cannot live upto everyone's expectations. There will always be people judging you for whatever you do and you cannot stop them from doing it no matter how hard you try. The only thing you can do is don't let it affect your actions. Think of the worst thing that could happen and you'll find that its absolutely nothing. You might get confronted with arguments in the worst case, but atleast people will respect you for holding your ground and being truthful.

Try to be equivocate and learn to say NO to things. Don't always get lured by a tempting hangout with friends at a bar or a joint taking you high. Know your value and give more significance to your thoughts instead of nodding your head, everytime you are in some discussion.

Travel alone on unplanned trips. Try getting out of your comfort-zone just once, bring as little as possible, fit it in a backpack and set out for an aleatory journey. Trust me, you'll just be fine.

Enough said, I hope I made a point there. Start living a life the way you want to, be fearless and crazy like you once were and stand for yourself.

Today is the last day we live a life dictated by others.
Today, we'll get to the bottom of the truth.
Today is the day we stop giving a fuck!
Today is the day we Break Free!

Some of you might be thinking why I'm writing all this, this is just to inspire people if I could at all although I myself need a lot of apart..this was just meant to practice my vocab which I've been trying to improve these days..:D although the former is also true. Thanks for reading..:)

Monday, 23 June 2014

A Monday without GOT !

It was Monday morning and all I was looking forward is watching a thrilling episode of Game of Thrones, the best television could ever get. But, sadly, no more, the season ended and I don't know how many months to wait for the next one. I'm still thinking about that “Game of Thrones” finale - that killer crossbow, those chained-up dragons, Bran’s new home, Arya's new destination and what not. So much happened, and so much has changed, that the wait for season five is virtually unbearable. We can barely make predictions of what is believed to be the most thrilling season of Game of Thrones given all the plot threads dangling at the end of Season four.
Disclaimer - There won't be any spoilers (unless you've seen the fourth season) because I'm too lazy to READ the series..:D

Well, lets recall the most exciting and kickass scenes from season four

1. The sight of Joffery being poisoned to death has to be the best one

This cruel son of a bi*** (I literally mean it here..:D) who made life worse not only for the Starks but for the Lannisters too had to die. All credit goes to Littlefinger's dexterously crafted plan. Hoping to see more of Lord Baelish's brilliance in the next season.

2. Tyrion hot-headed at his trial 


"I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you" he spit condemning himself to die right there.
3. Oberyn stepping up

'I'll be your champion' he says and out of nowhere Tyrion finds the slightest of possibilities of staying alive.

4. That insane fight


In one of the most epic fights of show's history, Prince Oberyn Martell and The Mountain gave all they had in them. The fight is so epic that it promises to give you goosebumps every time you watch it. First, The Viper bursting the eyeballs of The Mountain and then the The Mountain insanely squeezing Oberyn's head to a juicy, explosive pulp leaving the viewers in utter shock.

5. Shitting and hitting..:p


This has to be the humorous of deaths ever. While Tywin was busy shitting gold, Tyrion with a couple of crossbow bolts laid his father to rest atop the royal commode.

So, this was the expansive epicness of Season 4. The sudden lack of new Game of Thrones episodes may not hit you instantaneously  but you'll be sadly humming the theme under your breath, every time you think of it.
Here are some things you could do to keep yourself occupied until the next season. I saw this part somewhere on the internet and found it really interesting, so adding up..:)

1. If you crave for the outfits, check out Vikings

2. If you crave for the bloody battles, watch 300 - This one is obvious I believe.


3. If you crave for the battle of throne, try Reign

4. If you crave for the pre battle pep talks, try Braveheart


5. And if you miss Game of Thrones and Game of Thrones alone, read the fan fiction


The "Game of Thrones" Season 5 air date on HBO is expected to be between mid-March and mid-April 2015. For ten months, we are left to speculate on what happens next to Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons, Sansa Stark in the Land of Vale, Arya Stark in the Free City of Braavos and Cersei Lannister at King's Landing. I just hope winter finally comes in the next season..:p
So, this is it. I know I have added too much of pictures and animation and this is probably not the best of mine but i'm posting it anyway. I don't want any reviews about it, I just hope you like it and find it relatable. Thanks for reading..:)

Monday, 19 May 2014

This is ME

Well I know no one cares what I write here about myself. But I don't care either if you read this or not. I will write anyway to get it off my chest and I believe probably this is what personal blogs are meant for. I have no hard feelings for anyone but just because its taking a toll over me I'm forced to write this. This post is esoteric and some of you may feel lost here, I apologize for that.

Okay, so happenings in the past few months have left me to regroup myself and think about what exactly I'm doing with my life. All I could figure out was that I'm wasting time explaining myself to people who don't even matter to me anymore. Trying not to hurt anyone and keeping everyone pleased is what it was all about. It wasn't myself for which I was living for but for the obstinate people around. 
And for some people who easily get away with the excuse that i'm too childish and adamant to understand, let me tell you, I have all worldly experience and I don't need to be taught like a child. Don't pester me anymore and live with the fact that you are too bitchy to be around. Stay with the people you like and at-least don't wear a fake social mask.

I have a family and a lot of friends to care about and whom I thank by heart for being there. Life is full of adventures to take on and I can't mess with my life anymore just because of some pompous people around. I don't give a rat's ass what you do in your personal lives and I expect you to do the same. Reciprocate with the kindness and affection that I treat you with and if you can't then just part ways rather than trying to hang around. Its better late than never that I realized have got so much to do in life other than pleasing you people.

Being in this beautiful place for two months, I want to have the best time of my life. So, I request you people not to irk me out and let me live the way I am. And I'm affirmative of the fact that I'm pretty good the way I am, well that's what most people tell me. On a humorous note I can think of a post which one of my friends posted from my profile 'My life, My rules...suck it up!'. This might have sounded weird and cruel but I believe these are the most decent words I could think of for you people.

I know this post is not worth reading and you would think that I'm blabbering too much but believe me I feel so relaxed posting this. This post is not for you but for myself. For those who read this, I can just thank you for reading, although it wouldn't have made a difference even if you had not. And for those who didn't, I don't care. I hope, I didn't offend anyone in person neither did I intend to. Enough said I just want to end this with a few lines by EM

"I'm tired of all you (of all you)...
I don't mean to be mean but that's all I can be is just me"

Live long EM!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Alma Mater

I always wanted to write my own blog some day and here I'm doing this. Feels awesome.
And guess what, I could recall no other topic than my memorable first year at IITR. Yeah, you heard that right, IIT, the very college for which people crave to get into.
So it all started with those dreadful 6 hrs, don't worry i know i'm starting from way back but I'll speed up the things soon. The seriousness kind of ebbed during the exam and probably that's why I ended up with Biotech at IITR. Never mind. I have still got much energy left to do something awesome with my life.:)

So here I go..
23rd July 2012,the day when I stepped into the holy city of Roorkee, the decreasing number on the milestone got butterflies in my stomach and when I finally saw the final signboard pointing towards the entrance, I was like

As we drove through the main gate bearing the engraved heavyweight Indian Institute of Technology, with palm trees standing tall on both sides of the road, it felt like the hardwork that I had been putting in for years really paid off and as they say 'bhai feel aa gyi'.
The grandiose main building with lush green canvas of grass in front, the holy church,a well equipped grand Central Library (and when I say well equipped; I mean it, MACINTOSH people) and world class sports facilities for every sport; from the gentlemen's game, cricket to the not so popular weight lifting.

What else do you need to spend the best four years of your life! o.O, yeah you need something else too; FOOD.Here comes the bitter part; mess food at IITR (or at-least at Rajendra Bhawan) is something that you won't even wish for your enemies.That all water no dal, dal; that steel strong chapati; that stale potato in almost every dish takes away the very feeling of hungriness and you end up admiring water, yeah they do provide good water; chilled as you would like it to be.

Coming back to the systematic recalling of events during my first year, here comes the first one, Fresher's Night. Well, I've got some cherish-able and some really forgettable memories attached.
Let's talk about the cherish-able ones first. I was kinda anchoring the event with two of my batch-mates. Those long practice sessions were really fun. It was probably the time when we interacted with seniors the most. Meeting the HOD and professors and dancing madly on random tunes afterwards made it worth memorable.
And then an untoward happening..!!.Oh God! I seriously don't want to talk about it. The very fact that the warden called my Dad at 3 am making my parents show up at the hostel at 6 (yeah, my home is just 3 hrs away from college) shows the intensity of the event. It costed me 10 disciplinary marks too. Damn, i had just started to get a feel of college life and here I was with a 10 marks penalty on my head. It pinched me for a few days but soon I got over it.And as the saying goes "Every cloud has a silver lining"..the life went on.
OK, lets come out of this mournful forlorn and keep moving. Hell yea..there's so much left to talk about.
Now came the period when there were all sorts of magazines kinda indulged into ambush marketing for their piece of paper.They usually conduct few rounds for recruitment. First one being a GD; that sounds professional doesn't it..and then 1-2 personal interview rounds. I sat for GG and IIT HBT and got through IIT HBT. And then there were recruitment for the various sections under CulSoc. I got through LS. People might call us 'Batti' but who cares, as long as the chapos and trips are coming. P.S.- no offences for other sections.
Coming to the academic part or the part "What my parents think I do at college", profs (not all though) at IITR are crap. They may have a hell lot of knowledge probably beacause of which they passed the recruitment procedure, but as far as putting that knowledge into our minds is concerned, they fail big time. Till now, Prof. Rajdeep Chatterjee (PH-101) and Prof. Ghosh (Inorganic Chem) are the only two profs who I believe have been rightfully chosen for their jobs. I might stand nowhere to comment on this, but this is what I felt.
First Mid Sems were on their way.It was a three day event, didn't even bother much.So, passed by swiftly.

Thomso 2012 (The cultfest)

It's probably the event that we fachas waited for from the very beginning of our college life, and the fact that it was happening after a 2 year suspension kinda uplifted the spirits. With Simple Plan rocking IITB, we expected a lot more than offered from IITR. Not much of the celebs showed up to brag about except the Indian Ocean, but still events like Footloose, Provogue and Musical nights were were able to break the rut of monotonous college life and leave us energized.     
End Sem skirmish

This was the time probably when we entered the archaic gates of the library. A place which appeared to be dead for the whole sem suddenly turns out to be the most happening place in the campus. With students buzzing around, you may feel lost at times, but trust me that's the way everyone feels around."Just keep calm and Mugstrong".

OK, so this was it. The very first of the eight sems was over and I ended up being a decent 8 pointer. Not only this, I kinda topped in my branch sharing the zenith with other two for whom I felt bad because everyone in my branch was like, I was the one who topped. I never really bragged about it but my batch-mates embarrassed me by bringing it up every now and then. I also kinda started enjoying it, well obviously not the chapo giving part.
Winter had come and rightly so. A one month vacation devoid of life is what i'm talking about. For some time you may admire the home made food and school friends but hostel fun has got no match for it.
Coming back to life in new year, the second sem finally kicked off.
Hoping to do a lot better this time, I let myself sway back into the good old times. This sem was no different, except for the fact that the profs had new faces and we had a tad easy schedule;because of the course structure being as such.

Cognizance 2013

Asia's largest technical fest, as they claim it to be, this was the event to watch out for. From the brutal bot fights at Armagedon to the adrenaline pumping robocar race at Power Drift, from the guest lectures by some of the highest minds to the awesome musical nights, this event had it all.

Now, an incident that i always wanted to write about.

At some other day me and my friends were doing some work for the magazine in the market. It was past 9 and we realized that mess would have closed by now and we had to find a way to fill our empty belly. Eating at canteen was an easy option but seeing a marriage party going on we stared at each other, grinning. OK, so we were all set to try that "Khana khane ke lie paise ni lagte, uniform lagta hai, uniform" thing.

Me and my compadres entered the wedding as casually as we could ever be and straight on went on to eat a 'gulab jamun' (although I didn't try that, instead I went for coke). It wasn't a great move as very soon we realized that clouds of suspicion started hovering over the host's mind. Making a quick move we went to the caterers, pretending that we came here seeking an advertisement for our magazine. Soon, the host also arrived and here goes the conversation..
Host - What are you people doing here?Do I know you?
Friend - Sir we are from IIT Roorkee, and we are here to get sponsorship for our magazine.
(Here we were with the most stupidest of reasons)
Host - Don't fool me you brat. Just give me your enrolment no.
Friend - Sir,you are making an issue out of nothing. We just had one 'gulab jamun', and if you want we can pay you for it.
(What ? , you mean pay like Rs 15-20 and get over it)
Host - No, just do what I'm asking. Otherwise I'll call the police.
(POLICE!! POLICE!! POLICE!!, goosebumps followed by sudden chill and I was like 'beta aaj to gye')
Friend - OK sir, here you go but we are really sorry for our act.
Somehow we got away and nothing happened after that. God bless his daughter.
Embarrassed..Embarrassed..Embarrassed, but who cares, we didn't even know them.

Talking about some random fun stuff.

Fun never ends here, be it the long bakar sessions at Bru and Alpahar or the countless Counter Strike nights, late night football or the Rs 10/hr pool, CBRI maggi or Alpahar ke 'samose' have it all.
Soon, the second sem ended and this time I only managed to get a 7.6, a bit disappointed but 'chalta hai yar'.
So, this was it. A few hiccups but a wonderful journey so far. The only malice that I have at this time is that I couldn't get into anyone of the most popular groups of IITR. Never mind, who knows I might end up being in one in the following years and as The Beatles say it
                                                                   "Ob-la-di Ob-la-da life goes on.."